Carpet Cleaning


At TODD’S CARPET & TILE CLEANING we offer all methods of carpet cleaning to fit your individual needs, including steam cleaning, low moisture cleaning, and encapsulation cleaning. In most cases we recommend using the steam cleaning process. We use truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment to achieve the highest quality results. For our customers that need carpet cleaned in areas inaccessible to a truck mount (such as a high rise condo or office unit) portable equipment is available.

5629ee565882c578cb4af07a94eb1713_jtwmOur professional Pahrump carpet cleaning process includes everything needed to get your carpet clean. Our process includes:

  1. The pre-inspection.
  2. Pre vacuuming if needed.
  3. Pre treating all areas to be cleaned.
  4. Spot removal for stubborn stains.
  5. A thorough cleaning to rinse your carpet and leave clean and residue free.

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We also offer Maxim Advanced Protector for your carpet and upholstery after cleaning.


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