Carpet Repairs and Re-stretching

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Did your pet dig a hole into your carpet? Is your carpet buckled up causing unsightly trip hazzards? Have you spilled bleach on the carpet removing the color? We can fix that!

At Todd’s Carpet and Tile Cleaning we offer all kinds of carpet repairs. We can make your damaged carpet look good as new.

  • We can repair holes or tears in the carpet caused by pet damage or wear. We can repair split seams and even replace pulled rows in berber carpets.


  • For carpets that are buckled up or loose we will come in and use a power stretcher to properly re-stretch your carpet making it look as it should.

  • For bleach spills we are able to dye bleached out areas back to the original color ridding you of the unsightly bleach spots.

Below in the first picture you can see several bleach spots caused when a mop with bleach water dripped on the carpet. the second picture shows the carpet after we re-dyed the bleach spots back to the original color.

Call or Text 775-253-5938