Stone Floor Cleaning

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TODD’S CARPET & TILE CLEANING cleans all types of stone floors including marble, travertine, limestone, slate, saltillo, and any other stone you may have.

e3b8952c5f961fdefc254b49b4aadab3_441yIt is important to use proper chemicals to clean stone as some chemicals will harm and even destroy a stone floor. Don’t just trust any cleaner to take care of your stone floor, call TODD’S CARPET & TILE CLEANING. We have the experience and expertise to know exactly how to clean and care for your stone floors. Properly cleaning and maintaining your stone floors will not only extend the life of the floor, but it will also prolong the length of time before polishing will be needed. We recommend a professional cleaning at least once a year.

Having your stone floor sealed will help to protect it. We offer stone sealing services and recommend having your stone floors sealed every 3 years.

Call or Text 702-595-0488

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